Maine's Oldest Working Oyster Farm

Since 1977, Dodge Cove has been farming oysters of the utmost quality in the nutrient-rich waters of the Damariscotta River.

Dodge Cove Oysters are known for their consistentcy in appearance and taste, and have become a go to choice for those looking for a high-quality oyster, with a clean, balanced flavor.

Dodge Cove Pemaquid Oysters

Celebrated for their pristine flavor and hearty shells, our Pemaquid Oysters are one of the Northeast’s most recognized oyster varieties. They're responsibly grown in the Damariscotta River and of incredible quality and taste.


Deeply cupped, rock-hard, brown-and-white dappled.


Plump, full, and firm.


The perfect shuck. Tight, straight, sturdy hinge. The shell pops open easily and cleanly. No breakage. No grit.


A deliciously light, citrus flavor, with restrained brine, and a sweet, clean finish. Savor the magical waters of Maine.

  • Dodge Cove Oysters are

  • Harvested, chilled, and shipped live from March to January (or longer, weather willing)
  • Free from artificial or chemical feeds or additives
  • Available in 4 sizes: Petite, Cocktail, Select, and Jumbo
  • Ecologically beneficial, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious!
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